Why you can trust Columbia Worldwide Movers to pack and move your belongings

You can trust Columbia Worldwide Movers with all your packing and moving requirements and here’s why…

Your possessions are precious to you, we understand that. You may have items that are highly valuable, very delicate, or just of such great sentimental value that you are worried about packing them and moving them to your new home or into storage.


We are highly experienced and very well trained

At first thought, moving seems pretty simple. Just put everything in boxes and carry it out right? Well once you begin the job, you will soon discover that there’s actually an art to packing correctly. Who hasn’t ever packed a box only to find out it’s actually too heavy to lift? Or arrived at your destination to find a delicate vase or ornament has broken? We know the right way to pack everything, and we’re also experts in moving even the most bulky of furniture and large items, without risk of chipping your paintwork or breaking anything!


At Columbia Worldwide Movers we’ve successfully moved thousands of people into their new homes. We spend all day every day packing and moving, and that experience, along with our high level of staff training ensures that everything goes smoothly on your moving day.


We provide all the correct packing materials

Finding boxes when you move can be difficult, and finding ones that the right size and sturdy enough is even harder. We have a huge array of packing supplies available for you, good solid boxes that you can trust not to break and specific storage boxes for just about everything! We have special reinforced boxes for heavy books, protective boxes for your crockery and other delicate items and even a wardrobe box for your clothes, so you can simply move them into it, hangers and all! We can even provide boxes for bicycles if you need them! Click here to see and buy your packing materials online.


We’re incredibly organised

We all have good intentions when we’re packing for ourselves. We plan to label everything and do everything properly, but after a few minutes, you can’t be bothered and just start throwing everything in boxes at random. Then when you arrive, you can’t find anything! We always pack carefully and ensure that every item ends up in the room it’s intended for. So, when you get there, we’ll know exactly where the kettle is, so you can make everyone a nice cup of tea!


We take away the stress and strain

Moving is hard work, both physically and mentally. Why arrive at your new destination exhausted and mentally frazzled when you don’t have to? Instead, just leave it all in our safe and capable hands. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of moving into your new home. Moving really doesn’t have to be stressful!


Want to know more?

If you have an upcoming move and would like us to take care of your packing and moving for you, do get in touch for a quote. Click here, to find more information about our services.

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